Perceptions of Primary 4 Students Using Wiki for Collaborative Project Work

Poi Ching Primary School embarked on Action Research (AR) to investigate students' perceptions on the use of wiki during project work in Social Studies to impact use of ICT, sharing of ideas in group and contribution and distribution of work in group work. This sharing session took the audience through the 2 AR cycles they went through, the first using a survey and the second an interview.

The school chose Moodle as the wiki platform with a log-in function to "teach students responsibility and accountability".

The results as explained by the presenters showed varying results. More students indicated a positive perception of using ICT after using wiki but stated they did not get to voice The data however did not help to explain if students have had a more positive perception towards individual accountability and distribution of work in group work.

Some learning points from the session include:
  1. Wiki was used more for showing students' products rather than as part of the process for discussion.
  2. Teachers lacked the expertise to fully utilise the wiki.

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