Using The Wiki in the Language Classroom to Enhance Learning

Ms Goh Li-Ern from River Valley High School used wiki in a "Teaching for Understanding" framework for her language lessons.

Her take of wiki is encapsulated in the following equation:

It really shows how wikis could do so much more if used appropriately and effectively.

Her wiki lessons take place fortnightly in the computer labs and students all have an account with Wikispaces. Visit her wiki to be inspired.

Learning points include:
  1. Language use was not standard but the use in this case was more for ideation and discussion. There will be a sacrifice made in terms of accuracy for fluency.
  2. Careful thought must be put in to manage students' work on wiki. Clear nomenclature (e.g. 4C10 Comments on Gender) for students' pages should be given so that monitoring could be done more effectively.
  3. Students' works by default form their digital portfolios.

One interesting Web 2.0 tool she shared was EtherPad which is really real-time-collaborative-word-processing. Try it out!

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